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 Our mission 

 To deliver better health outcomes for our communities 

 Who we are 

COMMUNITY HEALTH  FIRST  is an initiative being led by all 24 registered independent community health services in Victoria. Community Health First seeks to start a dialogue with Government decision-makers to promote the central role of community health services in the wider Victorian health system, and to increase the capacity of services to alleviate system-wide demand.    

How we help

Our mission is to start a dialogue with Government decision makers to promote the central role of community health services in the wider health system.

We believe that prioritising community health is essential given the substantial value that it provides to the state’s healthcare system. Please see below for the six key ways that community health helps our community and supports our health system.


As we look towards celebrating 50 years of community health services in Victoria in 2023, it is timely that we reflect on the current system and build an even stronger foundation to keep Victorians healthy and well-supported in their communities for another half-century.


 Reach the most   disadvantaged 

We prioritise healthcare access and community support to people who need it most. 



 Relationship   based 

We build relationships and connections across lifetimes and generations as we work with the complexity in people’s lives. 

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 Strong community   connection & stewardship 

We engage and support people on their terms, in their homes, in the community, and other places where they feel safe and respected.  

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 Agile and   responsive  

With our partners we find a way to address the social determinants of health and community and capability.



 Upstream   investment  

We target the root causes of health inequalities to reduce the social and economic pressure on people, communities, and government.  




We are able to provide high quality clinical capabilities that are equal to those provided by other healthcare services.  

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