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 Privacy Policy 

This is the Privacy Statement for the Community Health First website which is subject to review by the governing body of the campaign from time to time.

The Community Health First campaign *the campaign* is committed to the privacy principles issued by the Australian Privacy Commission.

The information we collect

Generally, we do not collect personal information about you when you visit our website unless you specifically provide those details. You can visit the most parts of the site without being required to provide personal details.

We, or our authorised service providers may use cookies and other similar technologies for storing information to help provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience.

For statistical purposes our web server records all visitors to our site, but we are unable to identify individual IP addresses from this data.

If you send us a request by email, your email address, and any other personal information you choose to include, is revealed to us.

If you subscribe to our "email updates", “send a letter to members of parliament” or “Become a partner” an email is sent to us which provides your email address and contact information you provide.

How we use the information

The data collected by our web server is used to assess how many visits to the site we receive, and which parts of the site are most frequently accessed. We cannot identify individual visitors to the site from this data.

If you send us a query, request or comment your email address is used to reply to you and for no other purpose. Your email address (and any other personal information you have chosen to send to us) is retained for our records only.

If you sign your name to the “send a letter to members of parliament” page, we may provide your NAME, POSTCODE, EMAIL ADDRESS and SUBMISSION TEXT to the following groups of people, for the purposes of the Community Health First campaign:

Federal Ministers with portfolios related to health

Victorian State Members of Parliament

Contractors employed to assist in building the Community Health First

Automation websites including Wix, SendGrid and Make.​

Other than this, we will not distribute any of the personal information you send to us via our website to any outside organisation, company or individual.

Data Security

We use appropriate technology to protect the data we collect.

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