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Image by Jack Finnigan

Nicole Bartholomeusz

CEO - CoHealth

Our health system is oriented towards responding when people get sick, instead of helping the community stay well and we need to change that.

Currently Victoria’s health system is a series of one-way roads that all lead to the emergency department, when we should be aspiring to an integrated network of health and social services that keep people out of hospital.

Community health services can be part of the solution by providing multidisciplinary, team-based care close to where people live and work so we can keep people out of hospital and help them live their best lives.

cohealth is getting behind the Community Health First campaign because we think every person deserves access to health services where and when they want them.

Community health services ensure that good health is accessible to all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised people, and play a vital role in filling gaps left by other parts of the health system.

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