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Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health

Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health
Image by Jack Finnigan

Phillip Ripper

CEO - Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health

At Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health we have been working with our local community for nearly 50 years to help people improve their health and wellbeing and support them in times of need. We are passionate about building relationships with the people in our community so we can understand the type of support they want and work together as an organisation and with other community partners to deliver care that explores the whole person and their strengths along with the strengths of the community.

Community health is not only concerned about ill-health and the treatment of disease but about the factors that contribute to wellbeing like strong family connections, social cohesion and mental health. We take into consideration the prevalence of risks such as social isolation, tobacco, alcohol and drug use, family violence, problem gambling and vulnerabilities that come from low income and ageing.

We are committed to strengthening the social fabric of the communities we serve by promoting health equity and social justice, embracing diversity and championing inclusion and empowerment.

As a trusted partner in the health and wellbeing of our community we hope that through this campaign, our collective voice can help people to understand the critical role that community health plays in ensuring that all Victorians can access services locally and that a commitment to proper investment in the sector will ensure its sustainability.

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